Flower Essences Overview

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The flowers of the magical Garden Island of Kauai have been made into 100 unique and powerful flower essences. Along with 48 gem essences, they make up the backbone of the system of healing tools that I have co-created.

The healing effects of these essences can be divided into two major categories:

• essences for healing energy by location and

• essences that dissolve specific energetic patterns or issues.

If you are interested in working on your body and auric energies, the gem essences and combination remedies are great tools.

It is my recommendation that if you want to clear your entire body and energy fields, you proceed sequentially through the following programs: Chakra Balancing, Clearing and Spirit/Body Integration. This will allow you to balance your seven basic chakras, then clear your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual energy bodies and finally integrate your light body into the physical realm.

If you are interested in dissolving specific subconscious patterns or conditions, I recommend that you start with the Preparation for Ascension program. These seven formulations of essences deal with the hard issues that must be cleared before going to higher levels. That can be followed by the Master Ascension Program.

I wish you healing of all that seems to block your perception of your Self. That job is yours. I am simply offering some tools that might help.

About Starmen Unlimited Essences

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Ken Carlson was motivated to create new flower essences of the purest vibration for healing and awakening.  After many years of exploring the relationship between specific flowers and their ability to assist personal transformation, he began producing essences from the flowers of Kauai.

The plant species found on the ancient "Garden Island" of Kauai are some of the most potent available on Earth. The flowers selected were gathered from the mountains, which average over 600 inches of rain per year, and the tropical coastal regions.  The gems were cleansed in the Pacific Ocean on the north shore of Kauai, exposed to lunar and stellar light, and charged at sunrise.

Starmen Unlimited was formed as a company to meet the growing demand for the highest quality vibrational flower essences.  The founder personally conducts and supervises the entire production of the essences to ensure that the highest quality potency and vibrations are preserved.  Essences offered at this time include 185 flower, gem and combination remedies as well as six programs.

Essence Media

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We create healing tools that will help people awaken. These include guided meditation CD's that have helped thousands of people relax and move into higher states of consciousness.

Our book on the Kauai essence story, Star Mana, also provides a handy reference with exquisite photos and specific guidance for each of the flowers and gems on which our essences are based.

You will learn how, hundreds of years ago, on the islands of Hawai`i, master healers known as kahunas were keenly attuned to the curative properties of indigenous plants and minerals. Working directly with mana-- life force from the deities-- they relied on prayer, the laying on of hands, water, and plants with morning dew still on their leaves to treat a broad spectrum of physical and emotional ailments.
Star Mana reveals how these venerable healing arts are used today to transform flowers and gemstones from the magical island of Kaua`i into healing essences for the treatment stress, tension, shock and trauma, addiction, grief, waning willpower, impaired sexuality, cross-cultural misunderstanding, and other contemporary conditions. Based on secrets known for centuries only to master healers, these unique essences can activate profound levels of healing untapped by Western medicine.