Kaua`i flower and gem essences activate and release energy patterns
by balancing, repairing and rebuilding imbalances on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels.


Why should I pick Kauai flower essences?

Every living thing is made of energy. Although it is all the same energy, each living thing has its own unique pattern, including flowers, which exude their own miraculous life force energy. The healing energy of the Garden Island of Kaua`i makes these essences some of the most powerful available on Earth. The place is alive with energy that dates back through the ancient Hawaiians to Lemuria. The unique flowers selected were gathered from the mountains, which average over 600 inches of rainfall per year, and the sun drenched coastal regions.

What other essences are you offering?

Energetically selected healing gems are made into gem essences. The gems are cleansed in the Pacific Ocean on the North Shore of Kaua`i, exposed to lunar and stellar light, and then charged in water from sunrise until noon in a reactivated Kauaian energy vortex circle. The Kaua`i environmental essences are an act of cosmic partnership that ends in bottling the wonderful energetic effect of waterfalls, rivers, clouds and rain.

Who makes the essences?

Ken Carlson is creating new essences of the purest vibration. After many years of exploring the relationship between specific flowers and their ability to assist personal transformation, in 1987 he began testing indigenous flowers of Kaua`i. He then began his evolution from an environmental attorney to an environmental midwife. He is convinced that he is acting in partnership with the energy of Kaua`i and that the spirit of Kaua`i impregnates every essence he makes.

Who is Starmen Unlimited?

Starmen Unlimited is the company that sells the essences. Ken Carlson personally conducts and supervises the creation and entire production of the essences to ensure that the highest quality potencies and vibrations are preserved.

How do you make flower essences?

Flower essences are created during a sacred connection between Ken and the Deva of the flower. In the ceremony, flower petals are placed in water and a process of transmutation occurs in the sun over a period of five to six hours. A specific healing and balancing energy pattern is released into the water in a highly condensed form. The water is then called a "tincture." The tincture is preserved in brandy, potentized for days on top of an energy plate, under a gold pyramid, surrounded with coils and quartz crystals, and is then ready to be taken orally.

When did people begin taking flower essences?

History records that ancient Egyptian, Chinese, and Indian civilizations used flowers to heal the emotions. Paracelus collected dew from the petals of flowers, diluted it and used it to treat imbalances in the 15th Century. More recently, Dr. Edward Bach, a physician and homeopath, developed thirty eight flower essences from English flowers in the 1930's. His research revealed that flower essences balance the disharmony between the body and the mind which leads to physical illness and emotional distress.

How do I use the essences?

Put 4 drops under your tongue 3 times per day or as needed; or 10 drops in a bath, in your favorite beverage or on the skin.